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Monster Frankie Pregnancy


Monster Frankie Stein is pregnant and she will have to get a caesarian. You are her doctor and you have to make sure everything goes very smoothly. You also have nurse draculaura to assist you. First take a cotton ball and dip it in antiseptic, then apply in on her back. Then give her an injection into her spinal cord that will numb the pain. Then move on to the operation. Use a scalpel to make a cut into her belly and clamps to make it wider. Then use the scalpel again and a pair of scissors to cut through the layers of fat and membrane. Then use your hands to pull out gently the little baby. Cut the umbilical cord and finally you can use a needle and a thread to stitch Frankie up and then bandage it. Weigh the baby and wrap him up in a blanket. Have an incredible time playing this exciting game! This is only a game for girls.